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The category dropdown contains all of the archive’s categories, including championships, match types, promotions/events, wrestlers, wrestler factions and years. Choose a category and narrow it down by typing in a keyword.

EX: To see every match Lita and Trish Stratus were in together, choose Lita or Trish Stratus in the category dropdown, and then type the other’s name in the keyword box.

EX: To see the joshi matches IYO SKY wrestled in, choose IYO SKY in the dropdown and type joshi in the keyword box.

EX: To see every Jade Cargill match, choose Jade Cargill in the dropdown and leave the keyword box blank.

EX: To see NXT matches from 2015, select NXT in the dropdown and type 2015 in the keyword box.

Do not use acronyms (WWE, AEW, NWA) in the keyword box, as they may break the search.

Wrestlers who have competed under more than one name may not have all their matches display if searched in the keyword box. Select their name in the dropdown instead.

If the page displays no matches, the search has returned zero results.